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The Menu of Hostería Camino, cooking tradition and novelty. Enjoy eating well in the candlelight and with a good wine to discover. It is an excellent level cuisine, natural, healthy and made with taste. We also have excellent sausages cured to the cold air of the Teleno mountain range. Try also our homemade desserts; cheese cake, flan or rice pudding. Of course there are many other dishes on the menu.

Mycological Restaurant ALL YEAR.

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The REAL "Cocido Maragato"

The "Cocido Maragato" (traditional dish) seen by Hostería Camino. The traditional dish of maragatería, the historical "Cocido Maragato" is one of the specialties of Hostería Camino, you can not fail to try it, in its traditional reverse order: first the meat, then the chickpeas and finally the soup.

Legend has it that when the French walked through these lands in the nineteenth century, in the face of an impending battle, they chose to taste the meat and then finally, if the soup had time, since it was preferable to have leftover soup and chickpeas , than the prized meats. Another version, less romantic, says that his origin arrives Maragato, who traveled the lands of Spain, carried among the utensils necessary for their long journeys, a circular lunch box with wooden lid, where they kept in it portions of cooked pork, which was kept fresh for some time. When they arrived at the inns or inns, they first ate what they carried in the wooden lunch boxes, of course cold foods, and to finish and "intoning" their stomachs they asked the innkeeper or the innkeeper for a soup or hot broth.

Which version do you prefer? Do you dare ask our waiters?

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